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Fact: More than
a million people

applied to undergraduate programs for 2021 admission,
in the US, through Common App alone.

Not only that, international-student applications have risen by about 10% from the previous year.

How will you stand out?

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to utilize exercises and strategies inspired by Design Thinking and make your unique stories shine through your application essays.

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Start with a meet & greet, in person or remotely!
Walk through a step-by-step essay ideation and writing process, inspired by Design Thinking.
Explore the question: What do admissions
officers really look for?
My Essay Sneak Peek: What worked
and what didn't?
Review my recommended plan to get you the application essays that you want.

Session 1:

Discover themes and topics for your essays.

Explore storytelling techniques to make your topics come to life.

What to do when you get stuck writing essays?

Who should you be asking for advice on your essay drafts? What do you do with their advice?

Session 2
and beyond:

Dive into how you can apply the same themes to different prompts and fulfil multiple essay requirements with less effort.

Proofread, language and grammar review,
dot the i's and cross the t's.

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